Prince Distribution

About Us

Prince Distribution, established in 1993, stands as Canada's premier trading card games distributor, renowned for its unwavering reliability and customer service. We specialize in providing game stores and hobby shop owners with a comprehensive selection of TCGs, including popular titles like Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Flesh and Blood, Sorcery, and more. Experience the convenience of one-stop shopping with Prince Distribution.
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Leadership Team

Kim Dayani

Co-Founder, CEO

Kim plays a vital role in shaping the company's direction. His primary focus: corporate strategy and driving the company towards continued success.

Moe Bandeali

Co-Founder, COO

Moe is entrusted with overseeing warehouse operations and managing all administrative duties, ensuring the smooth functioning of the company.

Imran Bandeali

Managing Partner

Imran focuses on driving growth in the sales funnel, managing product purchasing, and overseeing operations.

Ammar Dayani

Managing Partner

Ammar focuses on acquiring new accounts, enhancing brand recognition, and developing global partnerships.